Benefits for joining us

Content exposure to the evergrowing market of audiobooks

DeepMoth aims to build the community of audiobook lovers. Having a hold on broader communities on various platforms to promote the new launches and authors on our platform, your content is promoted on a huge scale.

Revenue from the audiobook market

You will get the offer code which can be offered to your readers of your hardcopy version using which the readers will get free access to the audio version of your book on our Papervoice app. We also aim to provide revenue from user-subscription based model in our Papervoice app.

One stop solution for authors and publishers

We provided an all in one platform for you. Stop bothering about the cost and the hectic process to get an audio copy for your fantastic work.

Full copyright over the audio version of your content

Feel free to distribute the audio copy of work anywhere you want. After all you are the owner. Publishing to our platform is completely optional with no hidden terms.

What we are offering to authors and publishers

Lowest cost offering

Guaranteed delivery under lowest price among all the offer available in the market.

Full access to Papervoice app

Customers buying the hardcopy version of your book, will get free access to our Papervoice app.

Choose the best voice for your work

We offer vast collection of voices to choose from. Pick the one which suits your story the best.

Fastest delivery commitments

We promise to deliver in just 3 days. Quick enough? Isn’t it?

Easy and quick payments

Our souls are digital. Through our secure payment portal, you can pay in just 1 minute.

Still not convinced?

Reach out to us and our team member will get back to you swiftly.

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Listen to our audio

Homo Deus (Male Voice)

Pride and Prejudice (Female Voice)

At DeepMoth, we are committed to provide the most suitable voice quality for the marvellous work from our beloved authors. We also aim to enrich the voice with right set of essence and emotions we sense from your content.


How it works?

01 Reach out to us

Email us with your query on or contact us on +91-9818775902 via phone and we will provide you all the details.

02 Provide us a copy of your                    content

Upload a digital copy of your content on the secure vault will provide you over your email.

03 Choose the voice you like

We will produce the audio sample for a short section from your book and will send it over to you for your approval before we move further.

04 Pay 99$ for each book

Post you approve the sample voice, we will send you a secure payment link. Post the successful payment, we will send you an invoice over your email.

05 Get your work delivered

We will provide you a link to our secure vault from where you can download the audio version of your content. If you need us to deliver at your doorstep, just let us know.

Pay Only


  • Lowest cost offering
  • Full access to Papervoice app
  • Choose the best voice for your work
  • Fastest delivery commitments
  • Easy and quick payments
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